MSPWWCTS Chapter 99 – Punishment

After a few words with the person in charge, Zhong Kuijun went in the house.

Immediately after entering the study, he made a phone call.

“It’s me….Before you told me that the owner of Lijing Mansion is from Dizhou?…Do you know who that person is? What is his identity in Dizhou?… OK, I know….It’s nothing, I was just asking.”

Hanging up the phone, Zhong Kuijun returned to the bedroom. Jiang Shuwan was looking for a self-reflection template online to copy. When she saw him, she glared at him angrily, “I let Qianqian go to make up. The self-reflection will be written after the banquet. Aiden is coming today, and she is Aiden’s partner. She can’t attend without makeup.”

Zhong Kuijun ignored Jiang Shuwan and took out his phone to make a call.

“It’s me. From this month, Jiang family’s earnings are reduced by 10%.”

Jiang Shuwan’s eyes widened, “Zhong Kuijun, how can you do this? You are too much? My brother is working hard for your Yunshang Group. Even if you don’t give him credit, how can you reduce his salary?”

“Jiang Shuwan, I warned you last time. If I think Nuannuan is suspicious, I will directly deduct your Jiang family’s income. Unfortunately, like Aunt Zhao, you didn’t take my words seriously. So today, I’m just giving a small punishment. Next time, I will directly deduct 30% of your Jiang family’s income. Since you can’t even do such a simple thing, then you can take a good look at whether I will do what I say!”

“Zhong Nuannuan, Zhong Nuannuan, everything is Zhong Nuannuan! Is Qianqian not your daughter? Pu Yu, that slut is your woman, am I not? Don’t forget, I am your original wife. That bitch robbed my husband! You owe me! You owe my Jiang family! Why did you reduce my brother’s income by 10%?”

Zhong Kuijun grabbed Jiang Shuwan’s neck. She was so scared, she couldn’t say a word. Jiang Shuwan looked at her husband in horror.

This was the second time he grabbed her neck after the incident 17 years ago.

“You and Pu Yu are indeed my wives, and Nuannuan and Zhong Qianqian are indeed my children. But don’t forget where the money for Yunshang Group come from! You and Zhong Qianqian can live today because of who?! Do not forget who is the real controller of Yunshang Group. Jiang Hanlin took care of Yunshan for me, and I never stopped his small actions. But you and your brother also need to understand one thing. Your every move is under my supervision. I can make your family live a good life, but I can also make your family live in poverty. So stop trying to challenge my patience.”

Jiang Shuwan was thrown down to the ground without mercy, “Did you see the people below? Do you think they set up the banquet hall beautifully? Is the food exquisite? Let me tell you, these people are the original staff of Lijing Mansion. In those RVs are all five-star top chefs cooking on the spot.”

Jiang Shuwan was stunned. “The owner of Lijing Mansion is Xiao Shenbin. Do you know who he is? He is the son of the Xiao Family, one of the four big families in Dizhou.

Chi Yang made Young Master Xiao arrange the top chef of his hotel for him without any effort. It’s enough to show that the two have a very good relationship. Lijing Mansion opened half a month ago, and Young Master Xiao came to Jiangzhou, but Chi Yang had long known him. Know what this means?”

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