MSPWWCTS Chapter 98 – Can’t be more open minded

Seeing Zhong Nuannuan not letting go, Aunt Zhao cried anxiously, “How could you say this. Second Miss, you are the daughter of Master and Madam. How would I dare treat you as a layman? Second Miss, you have already found your family. From now on, your life will be worry free. Why do you have to hold a grudge with a servant? Can’t you be more openhearted and forgive me this time?”

“If I find my family, I should forgive you for hurting me? If I don’t let you go, I’m narrow-minded, just because I’m rich? What kind of logic is this, Aunt Zhao? Before you ask me to let you go, think about everything you have done. In the past six months, how many times did you spit in my breakfast? Why did I not let you enter to clean my room? The valuable my father gave me in my room, who took them?”

Aunt Zhao’s face instantly turned white.

No wonder she didn’t eat every time she spit in her breakfast…

It turned out that she already knew!

Seeing that the matter was a foregone conclusion, Aunt Zhao spit out, “Second Miss, if you want to drive me out of the house, just say so! I have been at the Zhong house for 16 years. Whether my hands are clean or not, Master and Miss knows best. I haven’t even stolen those valuable things in Madam’s and Missy’s rooms for more than a decade. Why would I want the things in the room of a county bumpkin that just came back from the farming area? I can sue you for defamation too! With a criminal record, will your fiancee, a Captain in the Army, still want you?”

Aunt Zhao’s 16 years in the Zhong family has cultivated a domineering spirit. At this moment, she was quite imposing.

Zhong Nuannuan smiled slightly, “Get out.”

Zhong Kuijun, furious, pointed at Aunt Zhao, “Vicious woman! You dare to spit in my daughter’s breakfast, and dare to steal my daughter’s things! Now that the matter is exposed, you even dare to threaten my daughter! You are too lawless! Butler, throw her things out and tell the property management, if she dares to show up here again, call the police!”

Aunt Zhao was thrown out by the Butler, and the banquet team sent by Chi Yang was brought in.

Seeing the management staff ordering the arrangement of flowers, tables and chairs, the food area, the beverage area and the delicate food on the shelf, Zhong Kuijun could not help but walk to the person in charge.

“Your employees are very mobile! Does your company specialize in preparing banquets for people?”

The person in charge spoke with a smile, “Mr. Zhong, we are employees of Lijing Mansion. The tableware and food are served by the waiters of our company’s catering department. The several cars parked there are dining cars. We staff the top chefs in our restaurant. I hope Mr. Zhong and your friends and family will be satisfied.”

Zhong Kuijun couldn’t help but feel shocked.

Lijing Mansion!

Wasn’t this the most luxurious five-star hotel that has just opened in Jiangzhou?

Originally he was thinking of holding the banquet in this hotel, but Chi Yang said that holding the banquet at home was better. As a result… he even hired everyone from management to top chef to waiter from the hotel?

Wasn’t this too extravagant?!

Zhong Kuijun endured the shock in his heart and smiled: “Lijing Mansion is the best five-star hotel in Jiangzhou. Your original staff is sent here. I feel relieved!”

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